3 Fat Loss Workout Mistakes

What's wrong with your fat loss workout?

Are you frustrated by a lack of weight loss results?

Are you spending too much time in the gym during your workouts and not getting the fat loss you deserve?

It drives me crazy to hear about people working really hard but
getting no results.

But I see people in the gym everyday that are doing the same
workout and getting nowhere.

You can see the look of frustration and the dread of even doing the
workout in their eyes.

I hope this doesn't describe you and your fat loss situation. If it
does, let's take a look at some of the best fat loss tips and
workout solutions to get you back on the fat loss track.

1. CB's Top 3 Training Tips for Fat Loss

i) Train with intensity. Yes it takes a lot of effort to do 45
minutes of cardio, but that is low-intensity exercise (since you
can do it for 45 minutes straight). Instead, you have to increase
the intensity of your efforts.

That means the following...

ii) Don't rely on slow, steady, long workouts of cardio. Use
intervals instead.

iii) Don't use high reps for fat loss. Use low reps instead.

You want to increase the intensity of your training to put
"metabolic turbulence" on your muscles.

So you need to use moderately heavy weights or advanced bodyweight
exercises and interval training to apply this metabolic disturbance
and elicit a significant increase in post-exercise energy

However, no matter how well you adhere to these training tips, you
will not succeed without getting serious about your nutrition. Of
course, that's why I go to Dr. Chris Mohr for professional fat loss nutrition guidance.

With the right training intensity and nutrition, you will "get your
hormones in order". Eating poorly can decrease testosterone (in
males) and increase insulin in both men and women. This will cause
fat storage. At the same time, too much cardio and stress can
increase cortisol.

If you have high cortisol levels, increased insulin, and lower than
normal testosterone, you are in big trouble when it comes to having
a good body.

You need to improve your hormone levels to stimulate fat loss. In
fact, I think that even Pilates & Yoga can help you lose fat when
combined with good nutrition - because these exercise techniques
may be able to reduce stress and could bring those hormone levels
back to normal.

But for the fastest, guaranteed methods of fat loss, my weapon of
choice is the more intense interval training and resistance
training in the Turbulence Training program.

Bottom line: While cardio is focused on breaking down the body,
strength training, yoga, and Pilates all focus on building the
body. Stick with body-builders.

2. The 3 Biggest Fat Loss Workout Mistakes

i) Using only long slow cardio. There is definitely mixed research
support for long, slow cardio. Most studies will show you two

a) Doing only aerobic training (without proper nutrition) will get
you only a small amount of weight loss - even over very long
periods of time.

b) Proper nutrition plus cardio will help you lose weight, but
you will also lose lean body mass - and you won't end up with the
body you want (or deserve).

Plus, long, slow cardio just takes too much time up from your
schedule. Stick to interval training instead. You will get better
results in half the time.

ii) The second mistake is sticking with the same program too long.

In most gyms, everyday is Groundhog Day (just like the movie).

You'll see the same men and women doing the exact workout that they
did 2 days. I see men and women using the exact same weight circuit
as they did literally the day before, using the same weight, the
same crappy form, and showing the same lack of interest.

These people are much better off doing fewer workouts following a
structured plan of increased intensity. Don't trade quality for

iii) The 3rd mistake...Doing high rep-low weight isolation

Exercises such as triceps kickbacks, concentration curls, side
raises, and ab crunches are almost a complete waste of time.

The men and women that use isolation exercises will not make any
improvements. Unfortunately, this is the approach taken by a lot of
people in the gym.

But if you learn that more intense workouts, and more intense cardio methods like intervals are the key, then you'll continue to lose fat and weight.

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