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You know what? 

I've had banner ads on the side of this blog which point to my iPhone, Android and Windows 7 Mobile App Bodyweight Training, which contains all these articles plus 3 other topics plus videos directly from Craig's YouTube Channel. 

I've been looking at the Downloads ... while iPhone's downloads were very impressive and I mean impressive, a lot of people got the free app for their beloved iPhone, Android and Windows 7 has stayed the same. I was wondering why so I checked the feedback on the site. 

I took this screen shot from the developers site. 

WOW ... bummer. But wait, have a look at the Windows 7 App reviews ...

What is amazing to me is how come only negative comments are made as I've checked my other apps and they are the same. I have noticed that its only Android and Windows 7 reviews which come across childish, juvenile and petty. 

This is very weird. The app in itself is free, so how can it be bad value or badly made or even wrong in its content if the articles come from Craig who writes for Men's Health? I don't get it, I just don't get it. 

If you read any of the articles, they point towards a way of doing exercises to lose weight and build muscle. I understand there is always a link to buy the full product but isn't that what life is all about? 

You don't go into a store and ask to get stuff for free because YOU think it should be free. If you don't like the prices or the food you just don't go there. 

I know this isn't the usual fitness related post, I just thought I'd put all call out to the world and download the free apps and make a review that is more inclined to reflect the quality of the content from a fitness point of view. 

To you and your future

Mark Jones
Bristol UK

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