How to Stick to a Weight Loss Program

Q: I need help sticking to my fat loss program. What can I do to stay on track when the people around me keep trying to sabotage my fat loss efforts?

Explain to everyone what you are trying to accomplish. Emphasize that not only are you following a program to lose fat, but you are also trying to improve your health through exercise and better nutrition. Some people will tell you that you don't need to lose fat, but no one can give you a hard time for trying to improve your health. The people around you should be more receptive and helpful to this goal.

Social support is a key determinant of success in a fat loss program. If you have friends or family you can relate to on your fat loss journey, it will be easier. It's also important to have health professionals, such as doctors and trainers that you must report to on a consistent basis. These professionals will help keep you on track.

One other thing you can do is find an online community to be your social support. There are dozens of good websites that offer message boards and forums. Check a few of these out and dip your toes into the online waters. Eventually you will find a message board (perhaps your favorite exercise magazine has a helpful online forum?) and good people to help you stick to your plan.

So success isn't only about finding tips and tricks to make your dieting and exercise easier. In fact, finding a group of like minded people with the same type of weight loss goal is a big key to your success. And if you "hang around" online with people that are successful at weight loss, research shows you'll have an even better chance of succeeding with your own fat loss goals.

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