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Q: I have a quick question. What effect, if anything, does beer drinking post athletic activities, i.e.; hockey games, have on the body? I'm talking roughly 2-3 beers starting within 5 minutes of getting off the ice. Thanks Craig!

Drinking makes you more attractive, funnier, and more charming to the opposite sex, according to studies from the Coors Research Institute.

Other than that, it probably has some small negative consequences for your metabolism, body composition, and recovery. It should not be surprising that the more you drink, the more your fat burning is impaired. So drinking booze is not a smart choice if getting lean is a priority.

But most importantly, drinking alcohol leads to you consuming too many calories (both from the alcohol and the poor food choices you make while under the influence). Drink conservatively (if at all).

Q: I work with a client that is continually dealing with a lack of motivation with respect to training and her fat loss goals. Any help?

Here are three motivational tips gleamed from experience and study:

1. Set small, attainable goals in order that they will propel you into future success. For example, set a simple goal that you will avoid excess food at parties this weekend. And set another goal as simple as having a great workout tomorrow. A third example is setting a small goal of losing 1 pound of fat in the next 10 days without losing muscle mass. Set these small goals to get the ball rolling, and success will breed success.

2. Tell everyone that you know that you are going to lose 5 pounds of fat. Telling everyone creates accountability. Most people have the integrity to see things through and don't want to let other people down on their promises.

3. Enlist social support. The support can come from your spouse, sibling, parents, children, friend, neighbor, co-worker, personal trainer, or lifestyle coach. Resarch suggests that the best support comes from a health professional such as a doctor or nurse. Social support is the #1 factor for a woman's success in fitness programs. Don't try to go it alone. Get some support. It will make the journey more fun and more effective.

Q: I have 2 protein shakes per day. Is that too many?

It all depends on how the shakes fit into your plan. If they don't upset your stomach, and they help you reach your required amount of daily protein, then it is fine. Protein shakes are not much different than drinking a glass of milk - just with twice the protein.

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