Top 5 Fat Loss Tips

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Men's Fitness magazine recently asked me for 3 of my best fat loss secrets. Since most times the magazines just don't have enough space to run my full tips, I thought I'd give you a more detailed explanation of my secrets here (plus two bonus tips that I didn't send to the magazine - just another reason to be a newsletter subscriber).

Secret #1 - Focus on burning carbohydrate, not fat, during your fat-loss workouts.
Sounds backwards, right? But not when you look at how I structure my workouts. Remember that Turbulence Training focuses on resistance training and interval training. Both of these use carbohydrate as the main source of energy. So it's obvious the workout is designed to burn carbohydrates during the training session.

Why do my fat loss workouts focus on burning carbohydrate rather than fat? In order to burn more calories after the workout, that's why. When you exercise with intervals and heavy resistance training, your body uses more calories in the hours after exercise than it would if you did traditional cardio and lifted lighter weights. Alwyn Cosgrove calls this 'afterburn', and I call it 'Turbulence'. By any name it gives you the same results - maximum improvements in your body composition (helping you lose fat and gain muscle).

Secret #2 - Use a range of repetitions in your strength training workouts.
In order to train more muscle fibers and burn more carbohydrates, I have clients use a range of repetitions within the same workout. My workouts now use 5, 8, and 12 reps per set in order to work the muscle the most effectively. This will burn more carbohydrates and promote as much muscle growth as possible when you are keeping the calories low. This approach is also used in my TT for Mass report - in order to get the most results in the least amount of time.

Secret #3 - Use the stationary cycle for interval training.
I choose the stationary bike for intervals whenever possible because cycling against a resistance can help maintain muscle mass. Cycling against a resistance also allows you to perform a large amount of mechanical work, and that is a key determinant of the Turbulence in my training. But please note: I don't use low-intensity, fast pedaling 'spinning' intervals as I'm convinced that the hard, resistance based intervals are more effective for fat loss. My clients only cycle against a strong resistance in their intervals.

Secret #4 - Increase meal frequency
Okay, so this isn't really a secret to anyone that has read about fat loss. But a new study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that eating 6 times per day was associated with eating fewer calories per day, lowering cholesterol levels, and lowering post-meal insulin levels. Combine an increased meal frequency with an increased protein and fiber intake, and you'll see your body composition improve rapidly.

Secret #5 - My Synergistic Turbulence Training Workouts
My Turbulence Training 10-Minute Fat Loss workouts are fast becoming the most effective way to burn fat, build muscle, and get lean. The synergistic strength training-interval training workouts are efficient and effective - getting you in and out of the gym in under an hour. Read more about the best fat loss workouts here that coaches and trainers from all over the world are using with their clients.

"I've been employing Turbulence Training with my clients for some time now, and I can say that they are delighted with results, not only because of the fat they burn, but also because of the time they save. Program is great for busy people - basic, most efficient principles in comprehensive and practical form. And I can add from personal experience, Craig is real professional and great guy in conducting business with his clients and associates."
Davor Kudrna, Martial Arts Instructor and Conditioning Coach, Croatia

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